Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Recent (and not so recent) Happenings

Now that the taste of fresh wheat bread has worn off a bit...(kind of like how I can't stand bologna sandwiches even now because I had to eat them in EVERY single lunch in 2nd grade...no offense mom, I completely understand now!) (and for the record...it's not the fresh wheat bread that isn't devoured, it's the second and third day bread that sits for a week on the kitchen counter that isn't quite as tempting anymore. And since I haven't worked daily wheat bread into the schedule (and never will), we've cut back to bi-monthly wheat bread-making)...I have a few extra minutes to post some updates!
Cienna finally decided she likes Cheerios...sort of (she's in 5th place among her siblings for this milestone...but who keeps track of milestones anyways?!). After eating a few bites, and spilling of course, her cute, little 18-month-old brain tells her cute, little 18-month-old mouth to yell, "Wag! Wag!" (i.e. rag), and she spends the rest of breakfast cleaning her tray, spoon, face and lap.
Brent brought two princesses to the Ball this year. They had a great time dancing into the night.

The local second graders put on a great show about kids who love Saturday...a day off to relax. Diggy auditioned and was chosen to sing a solo about a boy who hates taking piano lessons. And for a boy who doesn't even have the word "hate" in his vocabulary...he was wonderful! He really had a great time rehearsing and is still singing and dancing to all the songs at home, especially when it's time to clean-up...

"This day was supposed to be MY day. Why, then, am I doing the chores?

Spoil it, by scrubbing the toilet, cleaning a bath tub, or mopping the floor!"

I must admit I find myself humming right along with the kids.

Kenny turned 9! We had a great time bowling...

And tap-dancing in the fancy shoes, of course.

Cienna discovered that she LOVES snow. And anytime we went outside to get in the car, her cute, little 18-month-old brain insisted on having her cute, little 18-month-old feet walk through the snow for longer than any of the older brains in the family could handle, so we had to rotate turns getting excited about having our feet sink down in the snow next to hers.

She was sad to see the snow melt and kept going to the window, repeating, "No?" (which when said with a pleasant connotation as opposed to screaming, means 'snow').
And then...Cienna discovered that the glorious thing about having snow melt is that MUD appears. And for a cute, little 18-month-old girl who LOVES to eat dirt, she was once again in heaven!

(This is an experimenting face...not a sad face.)

And I discovered, once again, why I LOVE our drawer-full of hand-me-down/Wal-mart sale-rack clothes.