Monday, September 10, 2012

Speaking of Endings and Beginnings...

We're not theater people.

Between Brent and I, we appeared in ZERO theatrical productions during our growing up years (unless you count that awesome church road show (or two) or the times I contributed to theater via my the pit). 

But a few months ago, three of our kids randomly auditioned for "The Wizard of Oz"...which according to my previous calculations would be the first play any members of the non-theater-people Smith Family have attempted to be in...ever. And sure enough...three Smith kids lit up the stage as Munchkins. It was loads of fun and created all sorts of singing and dancing memories for us. (And some inspiring post-play work by Grandma...stayed tuned for upcoming Halloween pics.)

As it was ending, we heard rumors of another play..."The Sound of Music." And before we knew it, Kirsti became Marta...and Brent (yes, Brent, as in my non-theater-people husband Brent) got roped in as be a party-goer...and an extremely handsome non-speaking Nazi who did some intense searching for the VonTrapps at the Abby...but he didn't find them...phew...that would've ruined everything.

Being part of a non-theater-people family, this is perhaps Kirsti's favorite reason for crossing over.

The handsome Austrian Guy in a tux transforms into a Nazi at the is amazing. Oh how Kirsti enjoyed lots of great Daddy-Daughter time.

Oh yeah, and Grandma set up shop backstage during tech week to alter costumes and sew nun caps.

And the day after "The Sound of Music" finale...yes...more auditions...because "The King and I" was beginning.

So over the weekend...we celebrated another opening night.

Kenny is Prince Chulalongkorn...who becomes (spoiler coming) King at the end. And Diggy, Kirsten, and Allison are a few of the King's many children. They are all adorable to watch on stage. I'm so proud.

My Siamese children are the four on the right.

Kenny with Michael, who plays Ms. Anna's son, Louis. 

This is what the King's children do when he's not looking. 

And any intelligent director who casts Smith children would surely be smart enough to call on Grandma to come to the rescue for costume alterations during tech week. She's a gold mine.

My job this time around is to transform my four blonde children into Siamese princes and princesses in 52 minutes. It's exhausting!! (mostly emotionally...because my mirror-time patience at home with my own beauty accessories is less than 4 minutes....and this is only the beginning because the show runs for three weekends...need sympathy)

Okay...I confess...I have help.  (This guy's a pro. He did his own make-up as the Scarecrow (below). I'm pretty impressed with my head-hunting skills.) Thank you David!

 And apparently this is what a novice theater mom looks like.

So like I was saying...It keeps beginning and ending and beginning and ending and beginning and...I don't see an end out there any more.

In the end, it's beginning to look like we are theater people...Ta-Daaaa!

Maybe we can quit our day job...oh wait...(will post a job update soon...Brent's been very usual).