Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Allison!

Cheers to our wonderful 2-year-old!

Life is so SO FUN with a little one this age!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kenny's Baptism

A day Kenny (and the rest of the family) has been anticipating for many years now finally arrived! Kenny turned eight (March 13) and chose to be baptized by his Dad (March 14) to follow the example of Jesus Christ and promise to live a life pleasing to Him. Family and friends from near and far came to share the special day with us.

As a parent, it is remarkable to participate in a child’s growth. From the time they are infants, children have this powerful way of teaching those around them how to be better. From the time Kenny was a small boy, we’ve recognized his strong understanding of right and wrong and his sensitivity to choosing the right path toward eternal happiness. We’ve noticed that as we’ve nurtured Kenny, he has responded to our love and acceptance of him and grown into a young man capable of so many amazing things already. He understands his duty to God. His determination and self-discipline in growing spiritually, mentally, intellectually, and physically are inspiring to us. What a great example Kenny is to us and to all of his siblings!

Brent and I both remember our baptism days…so many years ago. We each feel grateful for stepping onto a path that has led to countless eternal blessings already. Not a day goes by that we don’t feel grateful to be members of Christ’s church on the earth today. It’s wonderful to see that same glow in Kenny’s eyes.

Kenny—may you continue to seek the peace and joy that comes from leading a life of humble obedience, service, and love toward God and your fellow man.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

King of the High C's

Arr! Kenny had the great opportunity to be part of the stellar 2nd Grade play, “Pirates,” at school last week. (Yes, we are homeschoolers, but the boys attend the local elementary school part-time for PE and music and a few extras…it’s working out wonderfully!)

The amazing music teacher does a musical with every grade every year. Kenny auditioned for a speaking part and was chosen to take on one of the lead roles as the KING of the High C’s…basically the King of the Pirates whose beautiful voice is supposed to help the pirates win a singing contest until he gets laryngitis at the end. Kenny had several lines to memorize as well as a few vocal solos. He did a fantastic job! Way to go Kenny!!

He had a great time wearing the fancy costume that was custom made by Grandma...thanks again, Grandma!
We're sure it will be worn by generations to come...