Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It’s A…???

The BIG debate in the Smith house for the last several weeks has been: Will the Boys even the score? Or will we be closer to officially being able to act out the Von Trapp Family (they have 2 boys and 5 girls for all who aren’t Sound of Music savvy)? Everyone agreed we’d be happy with either.

Q mark

And the answer is (drum roll please): It’s a GIRL!!

I must admit, I’ve been stumped…again. I thought Cienna was a boy, and assumed even more (though just a guess) that this one was a boy. (Apparently pregnancy experience doesn’t improve chances of guessing right.) 

But alas, another sweet angel girl will join our clan of 3 VERY excited older sisters (and it will be nice to have an even number there…they already spend significant time bonding in the bathroom together; now they can more easily use the buddy system). And she will undoubtedly adore her 2 proud older brothers, who admitted they were slightly hoping for a younger brother to wrestle with and have follow in their footsteps (not to mention to get added support for the natural competitive sibling rivalry).  But I noticed both boys walking a little taller when we discussed their increased importance. They will have 4 younger sisters to watch over and protect. Not very many people in the world can say that (strategically boosting their 8 and 9-year-old competitive spirits…wink,wink).  

When I think of having another girl, I remember finding out that Diggy was a boy (and I confess to feeling slightly disappointed at the time) and wondering if I would ever have a girl (especially as an only girl with 3 brothers). Now I have 4, and I’m even more grateful my two boys have each other. They are truly best friends and great older brothers.

I imagine how much more experienced I’ll become at managing phrases like, “Stop, Mom! You’re pulling on my hair too much!” or “That doesn’t look right on me,” or “She’s wearing my skirt” five minutes before it’s time to jump in the car before church. And I truly hope my mother will still be up to LOTS of formal-dress sewing/altering in about 10-18 years.

But when I really stop to ponder the thought of another one of God’s precious daughters coming into my care, I am humbled at His trust in me. I’m grateful for the chance to intimately influence another future wife and mother. I know she’ll be watching my every move.  Her anticipated arrival motivates me (all over again) to improve myself in prep for her delicate personality and impressionable brain.

And Brent’s thoughts: 4 princesses, 4 teenage girls, 4 brides. What could be more exciting and expensive and dramatic and tender and lovely than that? (And maybe we need another bathroom…and we will definitely need a bigger van…but that’s a touchy subject.)

Our next BIG question = What will her name be? The highest vote so far goes to Mary Chris…so we can say Mary Chris Smith all year round. Luckily, we still have a few months to discuss that one…but whatever her name, it’ll feel like Christmas around the 4th of July! :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Dream Dance

Since Valentine’s Day last year, the girls have been planning and anticipating the Daddy-Daughter Princes Ball 2011 (a local high school fundraiser, which has become a HUGE memory maker for our budding queens…this was Kirsten’s 4th annual dance. Allison has gone twice now, and Cienna almost went for the first time).

The girls have been staring at the their new red Valentine’s Day dresses, with matching doll dresses, since Christmas (special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa) and trying not to wear them except to practice proper dance moves occasionally.

They counted down days, planned hairstyles, picked out fingernail polish, made corsages, and whispered excitedly to each other (especially during the final week of waiting) in prep for the big night. 

And last weekend…the BIG date finally arrived. Jan and Feb 2011 087

When Brent came to the front door in his handsome suit to call on his dates, he had six young ladies to court (including Baby Betsy, Sarah (Allison’s doll), and Kirsten (Kirsti’s AG doll, whom she sometimes calls Brigette after her new aunt who also has a Kirsten doll)).  Jan and Feb 2011 081 Kirsten adores the whole routine…from Dad “sneaking out” to come ring the doorbell, to the corsages, to seeing all of the other girls dressed up, to dancing with Dad, to the treats they serve, to just feeling like a princess in her Daddy’s arms.

Jan and Feb 2011 093 Hearing Allison’s sweet little voice discuss the Daddy-Daughter dance for the last few weeks has been priceless. As a second-year veteran, she embraced all of the evening’s events, loving her Daddy’s special attention, devouring the treats, and courageously joining the princess mosh pit like a pro.

Cienna faithfully followed in her sisters’ footsteps in preparing for her first big princess ball. Anytime the dance was discussed or practiced, she happily joined the festivities and kept saying, “I’m going to the princess dance, too!” She loved getting dressed up to match her sisters. Jan and Feb 2011 082

But…then it was a little weird to have Dad ringing the doorbell, and no one told her that wearing a flower on her wrist was part of the routine…and the 2-year-old tears came. And as wise parents, we foresaw that 1000 other dancing dads and daughters  wouldn’t improve the uneasiness (which is why the wise organizers have an age recommendation of 3-11…she’ll go next year).

So, Cienna felt completely included after a few pictures and a special dance with Dad at home…just for her. Then she happily chose to stay home for movie night with Mom and the boys and eat popcorn.

Jan and Feb 2011 090

Three beautiful daughters and a husband who treats them like the princesses they are…I, too, feel like a very lucky lady!