Tuesday, November 1, 2011

May The Force Be With You

What do you get when you have a spectacular seamstress for a mother and an out-of-the-box handyman for a husband (with several handy helpers)?

THIS…for Halloween (and I can’t claim an ounce of credit for it, unless taking a few measurements counts as an ounce).

Halloween 2011 155 2

My Mother hand-made all of these fabulous costumes (except for R2D2, which Brent and the kids made…out of a box). She cut and stitched everything from cloaks and belts all the way down to Yoda’s ears and toes. (And a few extra credits include: Diggy made Yoda’s light saber, Kenny made his own boots, and Kirsti braided Anakin’s trendy hairpiece.)

Halloween wasn’t going to be this big.

But a few months ago, the older kids watched “Star Wars: A New Hope” and began coordinating make-shift outfits to reminisce some of their favorite scenes. Then Allison started waddling around like a robot and saying things like, “Hello. I am C3PO.” and “R2D2, where are you?” in an adorable robot-English accent. And things snowballed from there.

I thought it would be a stretch to convince Cienna to play Yoda. But she LOVED painting her face green and carrying a light saber around (having her siblings bow to her and call her, “Master,” might have had something to do with it). The perfect Yoda she is.

So the extra $$ spent on costumes this year was well-worth the family memories!

Halloween 2011 131Halloween 2011 136Halloween 2011 140Halloween 2011 145Halloween 2011 151Halloween 2011 156

One of the many perks to this year’s Halloween extravaganza =

R2D2 can play along even when MaryAnn doesn’t feel like pretending.

Halloween 2011 149And this was MY favorite scene to act out.