Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Hogwarts Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time of year for REAL wizards (along with Hedwig, the Owl) to mingle with the Muggles on Eastwood Drive and remain undetected. Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Hedwig paraded the neighborhood (and the Brookfield Zoo a week earlier) casting spells and collecting memories.

Mrs. Weasley (Grandma Van Camp) hand-crafted fine robes and hats for the young Hogwarts students prior to their adventures. And because Diagon Alley's prices on this year's supply list exceeded the students' allotted Galleons, they opted to create their own ties, wands, and Nimbus 2000s using Dumbledore's secret supplies.
Mr. Weasley (Grandpa Van Camp) accompanied the group up and down endless streets on the chilly night, using his superior knowledge and keen observation of Muggles to strategically skip houses and maximize their time and energy. (Unfortunately, Harry had left the Marauder's Map in his trunk back at Gryffindor Tower.) Hermione's time-turner did help a little by adding an extra hour to the evening.

Hedwig happily fluttered around, but was grateful to shed some of her feathers as soon as possible.
While at the zoo, the wizards even had time to study up for their Magical Herbs Class.

And rescue their mascot from the Slytherin Serpent.

Professor Sprout even allowed them to carve faces into their final projects (as long as they helped clean up the Great Hall afterwards).
Happy Halloween!