Mindful Moments

The Mindful Moments on this tab contain a more intimate, practical record of our every day struggles and joys.

Conflict and opposition in parenting and in life provide potential for deeper meaning in the future.  I don't progress without having my maturity (or immaturity) tested regularly.  When mindfulness and maturity are at the forefront of my mind, my children's immature, growing moments become a mutual blessing for them and for me.

As you take a peek into our lives...be mindful that these experiences are special (or amusing or awful) to me...to us. They expose our weaknesses. I've talked with my children about sharing their life challenges and triumphs with the world. And in their innocent minds, they feel no concern. *smile* I will try to be wise. If a topic is particularly sensitive, I will ask my child's permission before sharing...and maybe even use a general identity to respect privacy. Such moments would only be shared as a way of illustrating how weaknesses can be turned into strengths...with Patience, Faith, and Charity.

**posting still in progress**
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