Sunday, February 8, 2009

Daddy-Daughter Date Night

After 371 days of waiting, the Daddy-Daughter Princess Ball arrived...again.

The Prince did such a good job of sweeping Princess Kirsti off her feet last year at her first Princess Ball (a fundraiser by a local high school), that she’s been day-dreaming about dancing in the palace lined with knights on another Princess night with Dad ever since. Throughout the year, Kirsti would randomly say things like, “I like dancing with Daddy. When is the next Princess Dance?” while she was getting ready for bed at night or even while digging in the mud with her brothers. She asked Grandma for a wedding dress for her 4th birthday last July in prep for the BIG night (which happened yesterday). She associates princesses with weddings and dancing and happy endings thanks to Disney, so she was very appropriately dressed. Hopefully she’ll always want to marry someone exactly like her Dad…the song “Butterfly Kisses” comes to mind.

The Prince arrived at the front door and the exchanging of flowers commenced.

It was a wonderful chance for our gorgeous, confident middle child to get a night with her Dad all to herself.

Allison thought she was getting ready to “go,” also, and based on her response when the dancers disappeared into the night, Daddy will have to take two Princesses next year…and eventually 3.


Robyn said...

super sweet! these are the things that are truly important in life. :)

Jennette said...

That is too sweet! What a great idea for a fundraiser. I wish that they did one around here.

We Are The Davis's said...

Oh that is just TOO CUTE!! I wish they had something like that here. Poor Allison.. I know Brent will make all of his princesses happy!!

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness, that is so sweet. I bet she had the time of her life.

LIZ said...

That is so cute, I was going to ask you how that went. Thank you for the invite, I am sure Areya would have loved it. Looks like she had a wonderful night.

Kimberly said...

I love that idea. We're going to have to do something like that down here. And that face from Allison is priceless! I love the post and peek in often.

Cody and Utahna said...

You da man Brent. Looks like you have a very beautiful date.

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