I am eternally grateful for those who motivated us to passionately research the benefits of homeschooling. We're finishing our 6th year of learning together and we all love, Love, LOVE it!! Working 24/7 to create a nurturing environment that inspires intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual growth is a challenging, but incredibly rewarding, process that continues to humbly nudge me towards becoming a better person. And what a treat it is to be so personally involved in watching my children progress.

I am also eternally grateful for the wise public school leaders and teachers in our area who openly include home-schooled students in their circle of activities (Chinese, PE, music, orchestra, band, running club, Halloween parades, roller skating parties, Fun Fairs, field trips, etc, etc). Belonging (not just attending, but really fitting in) to a great community creates life-long warm-fuzzy memories.

We have an awesome mix.

Here's a collection of posts that reference what I love about each or both get the idea...

Our Educational Philosophy
Our Educational Journey: A Basic History
The Pyramid and Education: A List of Lessons to "Teach"
Attachment Stage (age 0-3) Lesson #1: You Have a Body
Attachment Stage (age 0-3) Lesson #2: You Belong
Attachment Stage (age 0-3) Lesson #3: When your Body gets out of Balance, You're not Alone
Following Stage Education (age 1-8): Mimic a Million Mentors
Accountability Stage Education (age 7-12): Set and Accomplish Goals
Self-Discipline Stage Education (age 11-18): Blaze Your Own Trail

Why Home School is Hip
So what exactly DID we do this week?
Home School Field Trip
School's Out
Home School Advantage
FREE Preschool
Seize the Day

Public School Perks

School's Out
King of the High Cs

And here are a few of my fave links on education.

Thomas Jefferson Education (I love the 7 Keys!)
Well-Trained Mind
Latter-day Homeschooling

And a few practical links that we use:

Custom Typing (accounts via public school)
Pre-K Activities
Handwriting Lessons
Math Facts
National Geographic Kids

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