Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Moments---Part 1

As another year comes to an end and we ponder the meaning of Christmas again, we’ve realized that as our family grows, so does our perspective of Christmas. And while we truly enjoy celebrating the birth of our Savior as we emphasize the spirit of giving in our home, here’s a behind-the-scenes glance of “Christmas Moments at the Smiths.” With one week until the big day, we can count down by highlighting one family member/day…starting with Brent…

From Brent’s point of view, more kids = more cost. So he began shopping the 4 a.m. after-Thanksgiving sales a few years ago. Now, with some experience under his belt, he has the day down to a science starting with the Thanksgiving Day ad line-up. While success does depend on what’s on “the roster” each year and on how tough the opposing shoppers are, Brent’s strategic analysis coupled with Amy’s online shopping support, offers a pretty good chance for an end-of-day winning celebration. This year he dodged in and out of the isles at five stores all before 7a.m.

And since 5 kids, work, and scoutmaster responsibilities give Brent no time to track March Madness, the Superbowl, the PGA Tour, and what’s it called when the baseball teams have a big tournament at the end of the year? Anyways…Black Friday fills the void and provides a year’s worth of strategic, competitive excitement for the whole family to brag about for months…plus, shopping gets done before the kids even wake up! Way to make your wife proud, honey!

The 2007 Christmas Day Football Game...

Loads of fun!! It came close to matching the

competitive spirit of Black Friday, but not quite.

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Penny said...

Way to go Brent, I am so Proud of you!! I too am a Black Friday Shopper, but I think it is because I am a cheap skate!! I just can't bring myself to pay full price for anything!! For the past 2 years I have dragged my hubbie with me, he doesn't have it down quite as well as I do, he usually gets stuck in the lines, while I am out the door 5 min. after I entered. But then he has the rest of the day to do what he wants instead of babysitting while I shop.
I hope you have a great Christmas

Penny (Larsen) Petersen