Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Cienna!

The house is full of extra energy (more giggles, frequent jumps for joy, tons of hugs, and lots of love) on birthday days. Spontaneous bursts of "Happy Birthday Dear Cienna..." could be heard regularly throughout the day. Cienna felt overly smothered on several occasions, but endured it well.

It's hard to believe our little one is now one. Kirsten said several times today, "Is Cienna REALLY 1?" And then she proceeded to list all the reasons why it seemed impossible..."She doesn't have any hair. She only says a few words. She still drinks Mommy's milk. She still crawls alot. Her onesies still fit. She's the same as when she was zero." I, for one, am grateful that our little baby didn't turn into a woman overnight. :)

Apparently, Cienna's sweet tooth hasn't matured quite yet, either (or maybe she's trying to set a good example for her family). She pushed the beaters from her cupcake batter away and begged for green beans. She loves the bland taste of rocks, wood chips, and dirt. And we frequently have to pull crayon bits and the erasers from the tops of pencils out of her mouth.
Cienna received the typical 1st cupcake with frosting and sprinkles as part of her birthday celebration...but wanted nothing to do with it. She didn't taste it, play with the frosting, or even come close to succombing to the temptation to eat a sprinkle. She also rejected her 1st Orange Julius (a Smith Family birthday treat)...she did have 4 siblings who were happy to share her portion though.

BUT, Cienna LOVES pizza. And she happily ate almost an entire adult slice all on her own.

Happy Birthday Cienna! You bring such true joy into the hearts of your parents, your brothers, your sisters, and all who know you!!


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! I can believe she is one. Happy Birthday!

LIZ said...

Wow a year sure went fast! Happy Birthday Cienna!