Friday, January 1, 2010

From Our Hearts to Yours…

Here’s to a wonderful 2009!

2009 China 114

Brent’s adventures in 2009 have included another week at Scout Camp, business trips to Singapore and China (where he tasted 100-yr.-old eggs and climbed the Great Wall), and the excitement of coming home to 5 kids who bombard him with joy every day when he walks in the door.

Oct 2009 050

Amy LOVES her role as wife, mother, and chief educator of her children more every day (okay..maybe not every day, but measured over time, the average is definitely going up). In 2009, one of the only years of married life that haven’t included moving or having a baby/foster children, she’s used her spare time to add homemade wheat bread to the weekly routine.

Christmas 2009 143

Harry, I mean Kenny, (8 ) is progressing very rapidly in school, loves attending Cub Scouts, and is a budding musician, talented artist, and successful business partner (The Smith Brothers’ [Recycle] Bucket Service…their customers even gave Christmas tips!). He spends his spare time reading, drawing, building robots and enjoying his siblings.

Christmas 2009 190

Diggy (7) excels in out-of-the-box thinking, loyalty, peace-making, efficiency, money management and preparedness. He designed a 1-hr. kit as a back-up for his 72-hr. kit. His many creative, useful projects are strategically placed throughout the house (including the freezer).

Halloween and Campout 2009 065

Kirsti (5) is a great reader and enjoys seeing what “school” is like in her half-day kindergarten class. She loves learning to play the piano and the violin. Kirsti grinds wheat for mom, plays dolls with her sisters, and has a fabulous English accent whenever it’s time to be Hermione.

Christmas 2009 199

Allison (2) has mastered the transition from observer to active participant in all the Smith Family Pretending Games. Her great memory helps her name all of the alphabet letters, rattle off the day’s happenings to dad, sing lots of songs, and repeat all of her older siblings’ phrases like “I promise I will” and “But I don’t feel like cleaning” complete with proper voice inflection and body drama at all the appropriate moments.

Christmas 2009 012

While Cienna (15 mos.) is the only one in the family who truly would have loved coal in her stocking (she still searches the fireplace for snacks, which caused us to guard it with the baby gate, which caused a huge raucous about how Santa was going to make it safely inside the house, which caused lots of secret grins from his elves (aka Kenny) who know his tricky ways, etc., etc.), she is an angel who carefully observes and mimics her peculiar siblings (even with words like, "Why"), runs to her mother for refuge (very often), chatters with her “Dada” on the phone (with lots of jibberish and some real words already!), and still loves her beans and vegetables (more than cookies and candy).

May 2010 be full of more happy (and even some character-stretching) adventures for us all!


LIZ said...

Wow, what a fun and crazy year. The kids are growing up so fast. We really miss you guys and need to find a time to get together.

kristine said...

You guys are amazing I loved this catch up and getting to know you more!! You are beautiful people and we are definitely looking forward to the adventure and reunions ahead! I love to visit the windy city one day!

Diana said...

Hey Brent and Amy-I was just thinking about you the other day. You're family has sure grown since I last saw you. I need to read through your blog to get caught up on what you are doing. See ya, ~Cousin Diana

Sandra said...

How great to see how each of your children are so unique and wonderful! Love having them in Primary!