Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Happy Birthday for Cienna

We celebrated Cienna’s 2nd birthday a couple of days ago. As the fifth child, she is frequently showered with love on a daily basis…but she received extra-special attention on her birthday.

Allison gave Cienna her favorite doll. It’s a very well-used doll that Allison had received for her birthday not too long ago. The doll has pen marks all over her head and arms because apparently she felt left out when Allison and Cienna were drawing on themselves a few weeks ago. The excitement in wrapping this special gift up for Cienna was genuine. This doll is a true symbol of sisterly love…and may need to be given back to Allison come Christmas.

Kirsti made Cienna an elephant out of tape she had purchased with her own money not too long ago. She also gave away 25 cents and two pieces of her gum (Cienna passed the gum-chewing test recently and was very thrilled with Kirsti’s gift).

Diggy wrapped up his small Woody doll (which is another generous give-away considering he may ask Santa for the matching Bulls-eye horse in a few months). Later he made her a giraffe out of K-Nex and giraffe-looking fabric that, yes, he’d purchased with his own money a few weeks ago to make himself a pet giraffe.

Kenny, as a big brother of a much younger sister, couldn’t find any exciting give-aways in his stash (he’s already given away most of his “stuff” to younger siblings), so instead, he read books to Cienna, played “Happy Birthday” on his cello for her, made her cupcakes for the evening’s festivities, and sang a nice harmony to “Happy Birthday” just before she blew out her candles (which she did with great success, I might add).

Brent lingered longer at home that morning, enabling Cienna’s siblings enough time to convince her to let them open her presents for her before he left. AND he came home a bit early, enabling Cienna’s dream of riding bikes to the park to come true. Brent pulled her in the bike trailer, pushed her in a swing, walked her across a stream, and held her in his arms as only a father can do.

I awoke near Cienna and fed her that morning like I always do (yes…she is the only nursing two-year-old I’ve ever had). She loves being held on my lap. I carried Cienna around a lot and did all my chores with her like I always do. She loves being my partner. I prepared her favorite meal with black beans and avocados. The other kids were hoping for pizza, but that’s her second favorite. And I pondered and told Cienna how much I love her and how glad I am that she is part of our family…like I always do.

Life wouldn’t be the same without Cienna. She brings great joy to all of us. Our constant hope, but especially on her birthday, is to bring great joy to her, too!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful little girl!

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