Sunday, July 31, 2011


If we paid someone to spray our weeds…

What else would we do for quality family bonding at 7 am on a Saturday morning?

July 2011 2 124

Weeds give our kids a chance to be kids…giving their parents looks like these (notice the difference between a 2-yr-old and 10-yr-old) and asking repeatedly, “How much LONGER do we have to do this?!”July 2011 2 125

Which then gives us a chance to be, well, parents…coming up with creative “Attack the Weeds” games and trying to work in deep life-changing conversations.

And when are our very observant older children noticed Harry’s lawn across the street and asked, “How does Harry (whose children are grown) get really green grass with NO weeds (something we envy as well)?”

We explained the economics of it all, which because we have very intelligent children, was followed by the question, “Why don’t WE do that??!!”

So, we shared a story with them and told them that we love them oh so much! (Click HERE for the story and look 1/2 way down this article – the part about cows.)

Keep growin’, Weeds. Bring it on!

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