Sunday, October 2, 2011

3 and 3

We just celebrated two lovely birthdays…

MaryAnn is 3 MONTHS old now. Yeah for her! Sometimes, I’m surprised she’s surviving the moment to moment madness that’s part of being in our home, and in the same breath I know she’s one lucky little girl to have 7 big people caring for her every need.

3 words to describe this little angel: Smile Melts Hearts (or maybe Fist Tastes Great)

MaryAnn 3 months 003MaryAnn 3 months 027


And Cienna is 3 YEARS old! Sept. 2011 039

We thought of all sorts of 3-word-phrases to describe this Darling-Young-Woman. A few notable ones include: I Remember Everything; Mouth Constantly Moves (or the sibling interpretation = A-Broken-Record…and yes, Mom, I’m beginning to understand why I was labeled Motor-Mouth by my first grade teacher); Hyper-Active Amygdala (because she still feels threatened by Halloween costumes she saw 2 years ago and the bear who came right up to the glass at the zoo several months back); No More Diapers (Brent’s idea…but it’s just wishful thinking…still working to complete Phase 2); and Highly-Sensitive-Child (Elaine Aron’s book provides a more complete picture of all the bells and whistles and drama and triumph that accompanies such a pretty face…I’m glad I read it).

Here are a few more:

 Desperate For Attention (and good at getting it…even in the face of competition)

100_0506Sept. 2011 050 

Love To Help  (washing potatoes is a favorite)

Sept. 2011 064

Obsessed With Flag-shirt (and with the whole family wearing theirs…so we DID on her birthday) Sept. 2011 106(And, yes, that’s a slobber mark on my shoulder…it’s the new style. I’m sure you can pay big bucks for pre-slimed shirts at your local department store or maybe online. But mine’s authentic…and priceless.)

And 3 words for both girls: Best Friends Forever!

Sept. 2011 017


Jennette said...

Such a cute post, and such cute girls! I just love the three word descriptions--it's like their Native American names! So fun that Cienna and our baby Soren share a birthday! Love you guys!

kristine said...

What a feat for your two little beauties. I am impressed adn so glad to see such fun going in! Your slobber is a hot trend.. its over here in the Hammons closet as well! You all look fabulous.

Edie Opitz said...

As always, I love how you share your beautiful family with all of us! These are great stories and pictures! And I love the slobber shoulder!

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