Friday, February 24, 2012

The Homeschool Advantage


How I calculated one of many the benefits of homeschooling today…

4 inches of snow       (5-ish more inches needed to cancel local schools) 36 degree weather + forecast of mid-40s in 2 days [thus the melting of this season’s rare snow again]  =   1 sledding hill @ noon with only 8 people [1 of which can’t even crawl] on it (instead of 143-ish) =  0.01% chance of the Somebody’s-Going-to-Crash-into-Me phobia becoming a reality (assuming the team of big brothers who like to tease younger sisters jump out of the way in time) = FUN8


Sledding  Feb 2012 019Sledding  Feb 2012 032Sledding  Feb 2012 036Sledding  Feb 2012 041

Sledding  Feb 2012 049Sledding  Feb 2012 058

(…well-aware of the hodge-podge  snow attire on our 5th child…no need to feel bad for her…3-yr-olds are some of the world’s boldest trend-setters. We could afford matching, but we'll spare the $$ until she notices enough to follow the crowd. )

Seize the Day.

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