Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dear Home,

Earlier this week when my hard-working husband returned to you at dinnertime after a long day, your kitchen table looked like this:
your counters were hidden here:

laundry hovered here:

and toys/crafts lay scattered in every room. (no picture proof on that one...just trust me.) 

Though this is relatively normal because you house many busy bodies with minds that spread their living essentials and creativity everywhere pretty much every day...and we typically (meaning more than 50% of the time) follow through with intentions to pause from our projects each evening and declutter you once again... day this week was a bit different.

For about 24 hours, I had no intentions whatsoever of clearing you from crumbs and knick-knacks...because my arms were busy holding my sweet baby who was sick with the stomach flu. Except for the many moments (I think I counted 11 or 12) when I lovingly dangled her over the sink, garbage can, or toilet, she laid her listless head here:

So, thank you, Home Sweet Home, for your willingness to sacrifice your cleanliness temporarily while my hands performed a higher purpose. It is a pleasure to partner with you in serving those who live within your walls.

Yours truly,
The Mother of your Inhabitants

PS. Even though my attention was elsewhere that melancholy day this week, never forget that I appreciate your precious space and heart-felt protection. You and I are on the same did you notice when my shoulder saved your floors on several occasions...and when my hair jumped in the way once, too? My pleasure. I'm happy to take a hit for you...You do the same for me and my little ones every time the rains falls or the wind blows. ;)

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