Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mother

When a great lady turns the big's time to celebrate...and maybe dig out that list of life-dreams and check one off.

For my amazing mother, gathering family in a cozy spot somewhere in nature is something she's talked about many times. So, we Cubbies planned the perfect get-away for Mama Bear and Papa Bear--hibernation in a cabin on a lake in Packer-land (Wisconsin) for a few was heavenly!

Great food and bonding moments were abundant.
(This is most of the group on Sunday morning. Brian had already departed. And we missed Brian's family in Utah, and Mike and Derek in IL.)

Personally, I laughed more in a few days than I think I've laughed all year. Siblings must have that effect.

One of the highlights of the weekend was reviewing memories we'd gathered from many beloved family and friends whom my mother has touched over the years.

Here's an inspiring sampling:

"Her music alone was enough to lift the spirits of those recruits."

"She was the one who horse whistled at my graduation and has made me laugh so many times!!"

"At age 8 I never believed I could play [the piano] the way I can now, but you did."

"When we moved in 1984, Ella was actually the first person we met. She practically beat the moving van. She knew we would be super tired and she was there with a hot meal to welcome us to Illinois."

"Thank you for teaching me how to be a seamstress."

So last weekend, we successfully checked off a dream...but the thing is...we'll probably put it back on the list and do it again.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

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