Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Week's Worth of Wonder: June 2, 2013

The "school year" is wrapping up around here. Public school is down to the last few days of mostly fun and celebration and Diggy and Kirsti finished most of their year-long math and grammar goals before Memorial Day. So this last week was the beginning of their summer break in many ways. While learning feels a little less structured and we're no longer cramming in short lessons and concerts and practices of all kinds on a daily basis (which gives us more time to just breathe...ahhh), education and adventures still continue just the same:

 <An excellent use for the beautiful Japanese hand towels we now have, yes?>

 <Pet-sitting a guinea pig, hatching butterflies, and catching rolly-pollies fulfills all my inner desire for sharing my home with a creature. I wonder why my kids don't seem to feel the same way. They still keep asking for a dog.> 

 <The above picture is the beginnings of the 'log cabin' Diggy's been dreaming about for awhile now.>

<Back yard adventures (both the work kind and the play kind) are my favorite summer pastimes.>

 <I married a brave man. I learned to cut hair using his head shortly after we were married. Now, Kirsti's had her first "lesson".>

 <Look at her go...Training wheels off one day...
and the next day...TADA! Allison holds the record in our family for speediness in learning to ride a bike...and without a single tear (that's never happened before). I'm speechless.> 

  <"Sometimes I have a battle within my brain...I desperately want to join in...and I desperately don't want to join in." --MaryAnn> 

<After reading a chapter in Little House in the Big Woods, Mary insisted that she and Laura gather fruit and honey and jam to store for the winter. Thank goodness the girls are all over that cause Ma is busy.>

<After 6 years of elementary school, Diggy sang his heart out (including a solo) in the 5th grade music show. Below he's blurry because he's busy 'working in the coal mine.' I think I've said it a thousand times, but Mrs. O does such an awesome job with all those kids. Her work with them is so inspiring! Diggy's really going to miss her next year in middle school. And see all those sparkly bow ties up above? My amazing mother made them. I feel pretty lucky to be surrounded and supported by so many fabulous people as Brent and I raise our kids. Congrats, Diggy, on finishing another milestone!>


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