Sunday, July 14, 2013

(more than) A Week's Worth of Wonder: Summer 2013

I confess that I was looking forward to summer so that less of my time would be consumed with explaining math problems or working grammar concepts into every day play time or carting kids to constant after-school activities...and more of my time could be consumed with one of my favorite pass-times--writing about the people and things that fill my heart and mind up with joy.

But to my surprise, even though I yearned for more writing time several weeks ago...I'm finding that the warm breezes and rays of sunshine keep calling me away from my computer screen during this relaxed  season. I keep finding myself outside...a lot...enjoying this beautiful world with my children while they are young enough to point out things like bugs and flowers and airplanes and the moon.

So, as much as I'm drawn to document and share the wonder I see inside and outside the walls of my home, I'm even more drawn to experiencing moments one-on-one with each of the members of my family (husband included!). That's what fills me up the most. Whatever's missing on the few blog posts that I squeeze in here and there will at least still be written in my heart--and among my memory cells. ;)

 <We went to a park that had a really really really long tube slide. MaryAnn kind of liked going down with Daddy, but very much hated the echoing screams of kids (her siblings, eh-hem) that trailed down right behind them. I'm afraid of their screaming sometimes, too, MaryAnn.>

<Backyard baseball turns back the clock for me. We really could have used a good umpire like Uncle Brian.>

 <And when the surge in baseball playing prompted a search through Dad's old baseball cards, we were in great need of Uncle Brad. I just couldn't keep the who's who in baseball excitement going, so the kids' energy veered off in a different direction...>

 <Brent and I have accepted a few odd jobs this summer in which our kids can work alongside constructions projects and babysitting gigs. It feels a bit like milking cows in the suburbs. We feel like it is time well-spent and the $$ earned is set aside specifically to fund all of the millions of activities, camps, and field trips our kids hope to be involved in.>  

<The boys also sold and delivered home-made cinnamon rolls to several neighbors over Father's Day weekend to fund their upcoming Boy Scout camp. The rolls were a huge hit...we're receiving unsolicited orders for the 4th of July. out for the Smiths. *totally kidding*>

 <I'm glad we still find time to play games and ride big wheels.>
<My 3 oldest and I had the privilege of accompanying our local choir director as guests at the Mormon Tabernacle Choir's pre-show sound check during their recent visit to Ravinia. It was such a treat to see that even the MoTab has to receive direction about improving tone, articulating words, and sitting quietly until it's time to sing. Afterwards, directors Mack Wilberg and Ryan Murphy chatted up close with us and graciously signed my kids' mini  hymn books. The concert was incredibly inspiring!> Note that the choir's name changed since this was first published and is now the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.  

<Certain things seem to skip a mending. Thank you, Kirsti!>

<I have a nice jewelry box that I received back when I was a teenager. It sits on my dresser today and it's still filled with all my 90s jewelry that I've been saving for my kids to rummage through some day (because I used to love sifting through my mom's jewelry box). Watching their little hands pick up treasures and attach new meaning to my old memories is well worth carting that box to our various homes in five states all these years.>  

<It is so nice to have scouts in the house.>


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