Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We're Back

After gallivanting through the neighborhood and around the country during these last final weeks of summer break (sometimes all together and sometimes in separate directions), we've successfully crammed our hearts and minds with as many memories as we could possibly pack in...and now it's time to start the Fall routine once again. *sighofmixedemotions*

The boys are starting classes at the local middle school tomorrow. Every day they will head off to prepare a little here and a little there for adulthood (already!). I already miss the carefree days of yester-year as I ponder on the reality that my boys are truly growing up. They are half out from under my wings these days...I miss the joy of having them huddled up near me in the nest with messy faces and painted hands as they beckoned for my attention 100 times a day...yet I'm so proud of them as they stretch their own wings. Kenny is fully immersed in the Self-discipline Stage and Diggy is transitioning into it. Best wishes this year, Boys!!

The girls and I get a few more years of childhood together. I'm so thankful for this precious time I get to share with them during these early stages of learning in the Accountability Stage and the Following Stage. We (including Diggy for half the day) will settle into our home routine of playing and reading and practicing and cooking and cleaning and crafting and exploring together. I'm pretty excited for some good one-on-one time with each of them. I never tire of watching them absorb new skills at an individual, unique pace.

And as the kids and I start a new chapter of learning together, my dear Brent gets to begin a new adventure as well. After a year of unemployment, he reports to a new job on August 26 as the facilities manager for 22 of our church's building in northern Illinois. We're quite excited about this paradigm shift in our lives. I'll share a few more details about our decision to accept this job after I spend a week or so re-capping a few of our summer memories...most of which include Daddy because we truly took advantage of his glorious love and attention these last few months.
<Brent and his brothers don't waste a minute of together time. It is always worth driving thousands of miles to observe their hang out sessions.>

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