Friday, July 13, 2012

The Good Times

In honor of Kirsten’s baptism, Nana and Papa (Brent’s parents) came…all the way from Arizona.
And whenever Nana and Papa are coming, time is measured based on their anticipated arrival. “How long ‘til Nana and Papa come?” “Is this the month/week/day that Nana and Papa come?” “When Nana and Papa come, we’re going to…” “That will be when Nana and Papa are here.”
And this time Cousin Katie’s name (age 5) was included in all the bubbly dialogue and in all the bubbly fun once she arrived with them. We’re so glad our kids got to know Katie so well.
These pics sum up the Good Times:
May and June 2012 202May and June 2012 210May and June 2012 219May and June 2012 240
July 2012 091July 2012 108July 2012 129July 2012 145July 2012 133July 2012 138       Didn’t my mom make AWESOME costumes for the show the kids wanted to put on for Nana and Papa as part of Diggy’s birthday celebration?! We had a blast and Halloween is all prepared 4 months early…a new world record. Thanks Mom!!
May and June 2012 252May and June 2012 259May and June 2012 269 May and June 2012 262
July 2012 022July 2012 026July 2012 021July 2012 013July 2012 075
July 2012 146July 2012 158
July 2012 168July 2012 173July 2012 171July 2012 186July 2012 213July 2012 221July 2012 246
July 2012 223July 2012 224July 2012 222July 2012 236July 2012 292July 2012 2 012July 2012 2 024July 2012 2 030July 2012 2 043
July 2012 296July 2012 336July 2012 159
Needless to say, we adored our treasured time with Nana and Papa and Katie.
May and June 2012 245And Nana did lots of hair while she was here. Yeah!!

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