Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kirsten’s Baptism

We had a big event at our house over the weekend. Our oldest daughter, Kirsten, chose to follow Jesus’s example by making a commitment to keep the commandments of our Heavenly Father. To symbolize this covenant, she was baptized and confirmed last Saturday by her father.
July 2012 304
It was a lovely occasion. 
July 2012 309See? A lovely family snapshot to prove it.

And we love that we keep having baptisms, etc…because then we also have visitors.
July 2012 315
Illinois family joined us for the day and Nana and Papa (Brent’s parents) and Cousin Katie came all the way from Arizona to spoil us with all sorts of good times for over a week.  (more coming later about the above mentioned good times)

It’s hard to believe that my 3rd child is mature enough to be baptized. But she is.

I love that Kirsten loves everything lovely. Unlike her mother, who so accurately depicts Fancy Nancy’s very plain mom (and feels totally comfortable being totally plain, btw), Kirsten has an eye for beauty (aka fancy things…after a week of kindergarten a few years ago, I asked her what she liked about her teacher…“Her red shoes and her sparkly bracelet”). 

Luckily, Kirsten inherited her Great Aunt Karen’s love for designing fancy cards and creating lovely art.
Oct 2011  Girls 009
She is inspired by her Grandma’s determination and ability to sew every fancy detail of any costume she chooses.
Halloween 2011 001100_1904
When Nana is around, Kirsten is glued to her side…mostly in the bathroom because Nana has a '’huge’ bag of fancy make-up and ‘tons’ of fancy hair-grooming supplies…even on trips.
May and June 2012 248

As I raise my oldest daughter, boy am I grateful for all of the fancy women in her life!

It was a lovely occasion mostly because Kirsten is such a lovely girl.
July 2012 329July 2012 330
Kirsten is a princess…literally. She is God’s daughter before she was ours. It is a pleasure to be her earthly mother…to watch her grow and mature as part of our family. And it is an honor to help prepare her to eventually return to meet her Heavenly King again some day.

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