Thursday, July 26, 2012

Taking the Troops to the Dentist


It was that time of year again…

and after a few years of mothering, I’ve learned a few things…one of which is that taking our young kids, especially all 6 of them while Brent is MIA (aka at work earning the dough to feed and house the troops), to a no-touching-no-screaming-no-wiggling place for more than a few minutes is pure torture…for all involved parties.

Typically, a visit to the dentist would qualify as such a place (especially since it also includes little mouths opening wide for a very long time while someone pokes at them with sharp tools).


We have The Coolest Teeth-Cleaning-Lady on the planet!!


She invites us all to invade her space while she shines up our teeth.

As the children and I switch in and out of the roller coaster seat, small hands trade control over Mr. Thirsty and Mr. Vacuum. It’s very entertaining. (Luckily, MaryAnn missed some of the excitement because she napped in the stroller during my turn.)

Am I lucky, or what?

Definitely worth blogging about.


And if any of my children (or all of them) become a dental hygienist in the future, I won’t be surprised…we’ve spent ample time with an inspiring one.


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