Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Week's Worth of Wonder: April 28, 2013

The following pictures are a peak at a few of our favorite learning focuses this past week:

<We finally fulfilled Allison's dream of having her friends over to celebrate her birthday (which was almost a month ago, but Spring break, General Conference, etc. complicated schedules enough to continue post-poning the fun until last Saturday).
The hit of the party was a treasure hunt with a map, clues, and loot....completely orchestrated by big sister, Kirsti.
The real treasures got dumped on the floor momentarily in order to uncover the princess party treasure.>
 <After the party, the birthday banner doubled as a volleyball net for several days. And some of the most competitive action I've ever seen amongst my children commenced right here in my living room. They made me be ref.>
<Allison received the above statue (unpainted) as a birthday gift from one of her friends. I have no explanation for the green face.>

<Spring is here. We finally dug out flip flops and Sunday sandals...and if you give a girl her sandals, she'll use her tippy-toes to reach the perfect polish.> 
<above photo by Cienna.>

<With spring in the air, Mother Nature helped us enjoy math, spelling, grammar, and bike repair.>

<I so love adult places that know how to get inside a child's mind. It's always a worthwhile journey.>

<Kirsti spontaneously emptied and scrubbed one of our kitchen drawers. I just stayed out of her way.>

 <On our first trip to the park this spring, Allison wondered if she still remembered how to swing. Sure enough...she pumped away for almost an hour straight. Memory cells are awesome. 
Kenny...waiting for the Aerobie to float his way...neurons in charge of patience are pretty nice, too.
That's the cute guy who ran around the park with all my kids on a chilly evening...pushing swings, diving for Aerobies, playing tag. I think I'm going to wink at him and ask him for a date.>

<Breakfast for two.>

<Allison is my gardener. She saves every seed she can find. Such potential those seeds store in them.>

<Diggy decided to memorize the parts of a neuron. Smart boy...he knows how to make his mother proud.> 

<And the girls will get to neurons someday. I won't lose faith.>

<Kenny was a busy man this week. He juggled school work, tech week for the middle school musical (he was Mulan's father and a soldier and the envy of many female friends who tried to corner him on 'Which one of us dooo you like?!' about time consuming), dress rehearsals for choir, scouts, church basketball and luckily soccer got rained out.> 

<"Where's MaryAnn? Does anyone see her? I can't find her anywhere...Is she in the cupboard? No. Is she under the table? No. I'll keep looking...">

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