Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Week's Worth of Wonder: May 4, 2013

Along with all the usual downs (siblings pulling each other's hair...often, two spilled bowls of salsa within five minutes, tears and tantrums in all varieties, multiple late pick-up/drop-offs, yadda yadda yadda) we had some pretty wonderful learning moments this last week as's a peak:

<Sometimes when I bake bread, I'm alone in the kitchen with only the sounds of my wheat grinder and mixer to keep me company. But last Sunday, the kids spontaneously erupted into acts of baking right along side me...inventing recipes with all the confidence of a pro chef. Kirsti made miniature apple pies, remembering to use the cutest muffin cups she could find (something that would never cross my mind). Diggy made a peach cobbler. Cienna and Allison copied Kirsti as best they could. It was all very delish.>

<The pile of shoes left in the middle of the floor were a sign that dancing was a part of our week.>

 <After reading that Laura and Pa had discovered a mysterious bird in their barn one day, Diggy's mind gloriously raced until he felt comfortable with his own diagnosis of what species it could have been. A derivative of the Great Auk, he thinks. He's an animal lover, that Boy.> 

 <One day this week, Kirsti and Cienna disappeared for awhile. When I discovered them in the bathroom, I needed no explanation...getting little ones ready to go takes forever sometimes.
<Speaking of getting little ones ready...I had a few extra people to dress for church last Sunday. Sometimes we have to get creative in order to get out the door peacefully. (Daddy's always at church for early meetings before the kids even roll out of bed, so the poor guy misses all the drama that Sunday mornings bring. Don't worry...I tell him all about it when we're crawling into bed at the end of the day.) Looks like MaryAnn's missing a pretty hair time.>

<Little hands love to play with shapes while older kids are busy writing or calculating.>
 <Kirsti has been trying to conquer multiplication and division facts. Putting numbers into "families" seems to be doing the trick lately.>

 <We all love around here.>

<These two are troopers at the thousands of older sib activities they "get" to attend. Above they are enduring another violin lesson. Cienna looks sick, but a thermometer just happened to be her make-believe assistant for the day. I heard her having an awesome conversation with it. Way to work those imagination neurons!>

 <As much as Diggy loves animals...Allison loves flowers.>


<Nice soccer practice weather means visiting the beloved "Lady Bug Park", writing while the wind rustles your pages, fighting over who gets to give MaryAnn an underdog, proving you can do the monkey bars, and climbing a favorite tree.>

<We watched a horse movie this week. So, these fellas are our new best friends.>

 <Helping Brent with yard work has the potential to spark a variety of outdoor adventures. That happened this week. Probably because spring is finally here..and because Daddy uses cool tools and creates dust fit for fairies.>

<And what's a week without a fort?! 
I think MaryAnn is hiding in there. I can't find her anywhere. I'll keep looking...>

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