Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Week's Worth of Wonder: May 25, 2013

Another wonderful week...

<We said good-bye to our Japanese visitors this week. Another post will share lots more pictures of their insightful stay.>

 <Origami captured a lot of our educational attention this week. I still need to snap pics of some of the awesome results.>

<Sometimes it just takes Mom for-ev-er to shop...>

<These Wal-mart cars at the front of the store are a toddler's dream come true and the reason a nightmare-ish tantrum erupts upon departure.> 

 <We witnessed the miracle of the birth of butterflies. Now our children can never say again that we've never had pets. We will cherish them a little longer and set them free very soon.>

<If I find a rolly-polly crawling across my kitchen counter, it's because their man-made domain just wasn't meant to contain them any longer.>

<All of the elementary hand-clapping games are very IN right now. When I got to middle school back in the early 90s, I thought those childish rhymes would never be cool again...I guess I was wrong.>

<We borrowed a Wii from a friend for some good bonding time with our Japanese visitors. We better master as many levels as we can before it's time to return it.  Thanks Jeff and Denice!>

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