Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Week's Worth of Wonder: May 11, 2013

This week was full of LOTS of learning...

<A horse movie influenced our educational endeavors in a dramatic way this last week.>

<We also received our caterpillars this week ( They started as tiny creatures and are impressing us with their daily growth spurts. Next week...chrysalides...and then butterflies!>

 <My little interior designers created a personalized eating space one day. They were so pleased that I let them eat breakfast, lunch, AND dinner at their new table.>

 <The beginnings of an out-door fort...I'm glad to see the broom included.>

 <I heard, "Can we PLEASE?! have a dog?" shortly after this rendezvous.>

 <Our Fairy Friends from a few weeks ago are still enjoying lots of adventures around here.>

 <Still lots of yard work to do this spring...but we're making progress thanks to some of our big helpers.>

<I gave Diggy a kit to make a cell out of plaster and clay since he's shown interest in memorizing the parts of various cells over the last few weeks. But just like any other time I've handed him a "kit", he uses the supplies to create something completely different. He started a panorama of a mountain instead...  
which prompted Cienna to dig our her collection of clay. Naturally.>

 <I love park weather!>

<Karaoke night to celebrate the end of choir season.>

 <We young ladies are up to our ears in concerts/recitals as the school year comes to a close. About 10 performances since the beginning of April. We like to walk up and down the bleachers. Sometime Mom or Dad explores the hallways with us. But we save our best attention for the songs that include our older siblings because we love watching them perform. We like to clap for them. Their music makes our bodies want to get up and dance. Can't wait for another 4 performances this next week. Woohoo!>

<Part of living with the rapidly growing mind of a toddler means letting her be one of us big folks as often as possible...this translates into slowing down to live life at pace where she can keep up. MaryAnn learned how to buckle her car seat this week. She wanted to linger longer to practice her new skill whenever I gave her a few extra minutes before rushing off to the next thing on the To Do list. 
 We also wisely scheduled in an extra 30 minutes for our walk to pick up Allison from school because MaryAnn has noticed that big people push strollers instead of riding in them. And when Cienna needs a nudge, big hands will do the trick. A good education takes time.>   

<Brent brought home a variety of flowers for my girls to arrange and strategically place throughout the house in honor of our 14th anniversary this last week. Now whether I'm brushing my teeth, setting the table, or folding laundry, I have a visual reminder that my Love loves me.> 

<I wonder if MaryAnn is in there...

There she is! My week feels complete now that I've found her.>


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